NAOS Marketing is an international company specialized in multichannel customer service. Since 2007, the company has been operating in Cairo.

We currently have the below open positions :

102 - Customer Service agent - 5th settlement
4 - Customer Service Representative (Arabic + basic English)
6 - Customer Service Representative (Arabic + excellent English)
5 - Customer Service Representative (Arabic + good English)
113 - Customer Support - English
28 - Customer Support - German
79 - English Retention & Customer Service Agent
115 - Marketing Manager
95 - Outbound Sales Rep with Native English
106 - Sales Manager
112 - Senior (SQA) Software Quality Assurance Engineer
111 - Senior Integration .NET Developer
108 - Senior MVC .NET Developer
110 - Senior QA Automation Engineer
109 - Senior React Native Developer
114 - Talent Acquisition Specialist - International Accounts
7 - Technical Support Representative (Arabic + English)
3 - Telesales Representative (Arabic)
107 - UI/UX Designs Engineer


103 - Purchasing and Facility Manager
Job Description :
Manage to provide the required goods in terms of best value, delivery
schedule, and quality to meet cost savings and supplier performance targets.
Develop and implement purchasing and contract management instructions,
policies, and procedures.
Maintain records of goods ordered and received.
Locate vendors of materials, equipment, or supplies, and interview them to
determine product availability and terms of sales.
Prepare and process purchase orders for supplies and equipment.
Review purchase order claims and contracts for conformance to company policy.
Participate in the development of specifications for equipment, products
or substitute materials.
Resolve vendor or contractor grievances and claims against suppliers.
Represent the company in negotiating contracts and formulating policies with
Validate important selected suppliers with top management.
Administer on-line purchasing systems when possible.
Forecast levels of demand for services and products.
Liaise between suppliers, manufacturers, relevant internal departments, and
internal customers.
Build and maintain good relationships with new and existing suppliers.
Negotiate and agree on contracts, monitoring the quality of service provided,
and process payments and invoices.
Keep contract files and use them as reference for the future.
Anticipate changes in price trends and their impact on future activities.
Keep a constant check on stock levels determining the minimum level of stock
to reorder.
Develop a purchasing strategy.
Produce reports and statistics on spending and saving.
Control purchasing department budgets.
A quotation of minimum 2 suppliers will be requested in some cases.

Manage services like rents, security, parking, cleaning, catering, maintenance
of the offices, etc.
Oversee and agree on contracts and providers for services related.
Manage and supervise the multi-disciplinary teams in charge of the cleaning,
the maintenance, the grounds, and the security. Set their objectives, train
them, and motivate them. Define their bonus every month and validate with
management the extra worked hours.
Ensure that necessary facilities (such as water, electricity, internet, and
AC) are well-maintained and always up and running.
Manage budgets, ensuring cost-effectiveness, and check payments are made in
due time to keep the office away from shortages.
Ensure that facilities meet government regulations and environmental, health,
and security standards.
Advise and seek new solutions to increase energy efficiency and cost-
Oversee building projects, renovations, or refurbishments.
Help to relocate to new offices and suggest decisions about leasing.
Draft reports and make written recommendations.
Required Skills : Excellent communication skills oral and written, Leadership, Excellent organizational skills, Detail-oriented, Initiative and anticipation, Analytical skills and result oriented, Time Management, Good Spirit, Self-motivated.
Required Experience : At least 3 years of experience in an equivalent position
Required Languages Skills : Very Good Command of English

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